1/1 Prints

Original One off Lino Prints by Iola Henri
Hand Printed using intaglio inks – All prints are original artworks printed by hand and are not reproductions.

Iola Henri uses drawing and printmaking techniques to create colourful bold, yet delicate, pictures. She concentrates on line, layering, shape and abstract composition.

Lino Prints taken from initial sketches of Sweet violets, Sweet peas, Tulips and Iris’s, to name but a few, which she then adapts for Lino Printing. She mixes and matches using some of the same motifs (plates), but no two prints are the same. Each print is handprinted and unique. Most of her prints use lots of layers, this is a labour intensive process requiring each colour to be printed individually, left to dry and then the next layer of colour printed. Iola loves the process, formal qualities and conventions of Lino printing.

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No two prints are the same.
Image Size – 30 x 30 cm
Paper Size – 48 × 64 cm

These will fit nicely in a 50 x 70 Standard Frame with mount or similar.

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